If you are looking into penis enlargement you should know that except surgery, there is no absolute guarantee that any of the methods that you can find being marketed all over the Internet will be one hundred percent effective. Penile surgery is the only sure way of penis enlargement but it is quite expensive and it is not entirely free of risks. Some surgeons are willing to tell while others aren’t so eager, that in penile surgery there is a one of five possibility of ending up with an unstable erection, but you can’t blame them because they are all in it for the money, not to actually help people like other types of surgeons. Also then there is the question of remaining scar tissue. All in all, surgery is not the most popular method of penis enlargement and it is mostly reserved for people for whom no other way can offer any sort of significant improvement and who have really small penises which literally cannot perform.

For those guys who are just looking to increase their size for aesthetic purposes and in order to boost their self confidence with their partners, there are various other ways of penis enlargement which have advanced significantly over the years. There are various exercises that you can do different pills and crèmes and of course, the various devices that can help increase the size of your penis without surgery. With all of these methods the important thing is resolve because none of them are as quick as surgery and they require a lot of work and time put in before they can show some significant results. Also, it is important that you read up as much as you can about each of the individual methods of penis enlargement available before you decide to go for one of them because this type of thing often attracts various entrepreneurs who don’t always have your penis enlargement in mind and who are more focused on making a profit than providing you with actual results.

This seems to especially be true for those companies and marketing agencies that are pushing the pills, gels and crème products because these seem to be the least effective of all non-surgical methods of penis enlargement. Even on YouTube you can find scores of video discussions and presentations of various products, often accompanied with before and after photos which are common in this type of thing. Checking out those is the best possible way to get acquainted yourself with the various methods and since there are always lots of different comments, it is possible to get a real feel from the people on any particular method of penis enlargement. The important thing here is that YouTube user accounts can be easily checked out if they belong to real people, unlike those “Anonymous” users on various blog pages where penis enlargement is being discussed because they are in nine out of ten cases just fake profiles created by the companies in charge of the marketing of said products.